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Become Ram Cruz and search the border towns for the people who killed your father

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Total Overdose Totaloverdose
Total Overdose Demo

Ever found the lifestyle of the drug cartels interesting? Like the Grand Theft Auto games, Total Overdose takes us through a story of vengeance. When the cartels murder a father, sons come seeking answers and violent drug lords fight back. If you like furious gunfights and heavy bloodshed, Total Overdose delivers the goods.

The Gunslinger's Tale of Mexico

Fast and dynamic gunfights set in open-city environments, and don't forget loco—muy loco! The formula of the game concocts a recipe filled with run-and-gun action in an exploration-style environment. The fast-paced gun battles sit in the same section as the Max Payne series, and you always have the option to explore the elements of your environment.

Biggest Reason to Check It Out

Total Overdose packs every corner of the room with fast bullets and furious gunfights. In fact, those two elements make up the core of the gameplay, and it combines itself with a varied move set. You can pull off some Matrix-like moves, such as slowing down time. All of this happens with blood everywhere as you pop some caps into the Mexican cartels. The entire success of this game has hinged upon the strength of these elements because outside the constant battles with drug lords, the game isn't as appealing.

Special Body Moves in Your Gun Battles

As you cruise through this violent Mexican tale, the game gives you several special movements like wall-hopping, slow motion lunges, back flips and cartwheels. Along with that, you can activate special shots to leave your enemies bullet-riddled and wishing they'd made better life choices.

Special Gun Fighting Moves

You also have short-time special moves, and you spend tokens to unlock them. For example, you might buy the move, "El Mariachi." This is where you receive two guitar cases full of bullets to burn through shells like a raging fire. Some of the other gun fighting tricks include the Tornado where you jump into the air and rain down bullets on the enemy like a violent twister. If you want another cool move, the Raging Bull is another one where you charge full speed at the drug smugglers and kill them. While it sounds far-fetched and unrealistic, this game lets you live the fantasy of movie-style gun battles.

Special Moves: To Use or Not to Use

The special moves of the game bring a new element to it, but gamers will either abuse it or not use it at all because it makes the levels too easy. It depends on how you like to play games, but the standard gun fights of this game are usually enough for you to take down anyone you might face, and special moves like the Tornado work best when enemies have surrounded you.


  • Interesting and unique game
  • Fun story line
  • Cool special moves
  • Dynamic and lively gun battles


  • Nothing extraordinarily groundbreaking
  • Cool but impractical special moves

Total Overdose, also known as Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico, is a third person action game. The game follows Ramiro Cruz, a former criminal who had a change of heart and now works for the DEA. At the beginning of the game, his brother Tommy approaches him and asks for help finding out the truth about who killed their father and what really happened to the older man. As Cruz, players must head to Mexico and work with and battle against a host of characters to discover the connection between his father and the Mexican drug cartel.

Many players will find that this game combines elements from the Need for Speed franchise with the Grand Theft Auto franchise and a little Kane & Lynch thrown in for good measure. Before the game starts, it shows viewers a small clip that introduces them to Cruz's father Ernesto. After fighting members of the cartel, he manages to escape through the jungle and get on a plane for the United States. Players then discover that Ernesto never made it home and that he allegedly died of a drug overdose on the plane. Though the clip sets up the game, many players dislike that they can't skip over it and that it runs a little too long.

This action and adventure game lets players unlock new moves and incorporate those actions into their character's activities. When they hit a certain number of moves and points, they can unlock loco moves that give them full health and more strength. The tornado moves lets players rotate the character in a full circle and take down any villains in the nearby area with two machine guns. Players also love some of the more creative moves in the game, including the sombrero of death, mad wrestler and explosive pinata.

With the explosive pinata, Cruz sets a pinata on the ground and watches as it explodes into a shower of confetti and kills anyone nearby. The sombrero of death lets Cruz call in a reinforcement in the form of a zombie with a grenade launcher, and the mad wrestler sends in a crazy character dressed as a Mexican wrestler to take care of enemies.

Some people think that Total Overdose does not introduce anything new to the third person action game genre, but this game serves as a fun and exciting new addition to the field. Players will love taking down enemies with fun weapons by their sides, but they will also love uncovering the truth behind the mystery introduced at the beginning of the game.


  • Combines elements of two hit franchises in a fun way.
  • Uses humor and comedy to break up the darkness of the game.
  • Features a wide range of moves and actions that players can use to beat bosses.


  • Introductory film clip is long and players cannot skip over it.
  • Sometimes seems more like a new Grand Theft Auto game than a new title.
  • Repetitive missions and actions can leave players annoyed.

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